12 November 2015

23 May 2015

Wandering Around Chiang Mai with a Camera

Click Title for some photos of Chiang Mai, Thailand

16 May 2015

30 April 2015


I have a flight to Katmandu on Qatar for 6th May arriving on 8th May via Doha... But They said I'd have to cancel through my agent which is Eros ...

And Eros isn't answering their phone and doesn't seem to have anyone speaking English when they Do...

Fortunately, I had Travel Insurance ... And They are apparently going to cover my ticket loss under a clause that says "Travel Interruption" is effective IF Your Destination is "Uninhabitable" because of Earthquake (Among other Things)

I'd like to rebook for later this year... But this agency's customer service seems to be a cell phone ringing on someones car seat...Unanswered!
So a Bad Agency means Qatar wont cancel or rebook this ticket. I Have until 6th to decide.

I have the claim forms and have all necessary documents to file a claim...

But DAMN...

27 April 2015

How to Cancel Your Flight to Kathmandu...

I had a flight to Kathmandu for May 6... And I've been working on cancelling with NO Luck... 

Essentially they want to fly you into a disaster zone without regard to the consequences...
This is basically Qatar Air and the notorious CheapFareGuru on Yahoo...(Google the Complaints on this Agency if you want)....What a lousy Customer Service set-up... On Hold for a half hour THEN they hang up on you and Then the dial tone is "busy" if you call back...

But Amazingly, I did have Travel Insurance which I always considered to be another scam...But They are the only people who would talk to me about this situation ... 

It turns out that if your Destination becomes "uninhabitable" you are Covered...! Who Knew...? I thought it was just for illness or injury... 

Anyway... Still working on it...

I'd Would love to go to Kathmandu Sometime in future JUST Not Right Now which is the worst time for a Tourist to Show Up in Nepal...

01 March 2015

Old Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo ~ Click Here

Old Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo was The Place to See and Be Seen for British Tourists in the Golden Age of Travel from 1880 to 1940...  It was burned to the ground during the uprising of 1952 But was Rebuilt as a modern hotel on the Cornish in Cairo immediately thereafter and is still in business as a luxury hotel

Cooks Excursionist

Thomas Cook & Co really started the Package Tour Business as we know it...

28 February 2015

How to Make Travel Photos into Slide Shows

A Travel Slide Show can be easily made with simple movie editing program with some music added. Hard part is choosing photos in sequence and numbering them for upload into program. This Slide Show took about 10 Minutes to make and about 10 minutes to convert into an mpeg...Using different "transitions" between photos helps provide visual variety. Adding Titles & Ending is Easy Enough to learn...

27 February 2015

Murray's Hand-Book for Egypt


Click Title to Read the E-Book

This Book is a Classic for Pre Golden Age of British 

Travel to Egypt and India Raj

CLICK HERE for A Better Indexed Link to This Book

10 February 2015

11 October 2014

Rimbaud in Calcutta

Another Word Salad Absinthe-Poem Channeling Rimbaud's Style...

Autumn Already?

Four Blood Moons in a Blackened Sky
Bombs Falling, Like Reptilian Eggs
Bodies Float in CyberSpace
God Swallows the Earth Like a Cobra Flexing its Jaws
Satan, Humming Bird of War, Kisses Dead Flowers
Calcutta rubs Orange Powder on Blue Gods 

Shiva Dances
As The Black Hole of CERN
Makes Our Hologram Universe Disappear
In a Blinding Flash~ 
And A New Big Bang Farts 

Strange Flowers

02 October 2014

Rimbaud in Benares

Rimbaud in Benares

Golden Glow from Unseen Fires
Sparks Explode.  Thoughts released from bursting skulls
Shiva Dances on Burning Ghats Wearing Ashes of the Dead.
Souls Descend into Dark Waters Watched by thousand eyed Nagas
Cows stand quietly in dark corners smelling of piss

Street Smells of flesh on flesh, grease, black oil in Tin Cups of Tea
Dogs sleep by small trash fires Dream of Being Human
City of Light knows Life is Short.  

I pull my scarf over my face

Homage to Rimbaud...

Thinking of Rimbaud's Word Salad Poems Made Me want to try it myself...So Here's 

A Sonnet After Rimbaud

Dawn breaks banishing Stars like God's Thoughts
Smashing into an Ocean of Mindless Water
There is No God,  Only Wild Dogs of Thought
Mocking our senses with infinite Pain
As Leaves Circle,  Red and Yellow Toward Random Space
Exploding into Dreams Mocking the Eternal Man
Stop, Stop,  The Falling! ...Wells of Evil Spring from Nowhere
Darkness is the Becoming of Satan's Eternity
Words Explode like Bombs over the Cities of Hell
Youth Like Winged Birds fly to Doomed Forests Never Seen
Earth vomits on My Dreams
Rimbaud's Tumor was his Salvation